Legend said that the Risotto Milanese owes its origin to the passion of a painter for yellow color (also for  paintings was used saffron). In 1570 many artists and craftsmen were involved in the construction of the cathedral of Milan, between the master glassmakers there was Valerio di Frianda, who had brought with him his best students from Belgium. One was nicknamed Saffron because he was used to add a pinch of saffron to have shades of yellow in his works. The colors obtained were much appreciated, but also gave rise to teasing: “He puts the saffron everywhere!” Over the months Saffron and Valerio’s daughter had fallen in love and during  the wedding day Saffron wanted to make a joke to their guests. He added some stigmas of saffron to risotto to the wedding dinner that took such a nice bright yellow color. When the yellow rice came to the table there was an huge amazement, then someone decided to try it until everyone’s surprise, they ate it and loved it. After this event one of the typical Italian dishes was born.